How to obtain a second passport and citizenship

Second passport and citizenship programs

Top 6 reasons to buy a second passport and nationality

Professional service to serious customers, who need it for an overall tax and business plan.

Security reasons when traveling for U.S, Israeli and U.K. citizen.

Traveling with a European passport may get you out of harms way or may significally reduce stigmatization due to nationality, religious belief or culture background.

Study and move freely within the Europe without the need for visa, resident permit. Eu constitution enable citizen of EU to take any job or study within EU member states. Work in EU without the need for work permit (great for “fallen CEO” to use their expertise in a region where they are more appreciated. Basically can you re-locate you`re whole family.

Anonymity as an individual or as a family. Stigmatization due to ethnic origin, religion, cultural background, may be an blockage for you in business or if you do business in some regions. The program comes with a possible sealed name as an addition. Here you my anonymize you`re ethnic origin, religion, origin nationality and cultural background. Are you a celeberty? Be an “average Joe” when you do business, travel or want to stay private, away from preying eyes.

Fresh start in life. People make mistakes and choices that reduce their quality of life. Sometimes it can actually destroy you`re life. You have only one life and you should be able to correct the mistakes of the past. Please note, this is not a free haven. Some mistakes may not be eligabel under this program. But will be eligabel under some other European program. Please enquirer, we can help most clients.


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Second passport and citizenship program from Albania

Albania, officially the Republic of Albania, is a Mediterranean country in South Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Montenegro to the north, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south-east. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west, and on the Ionian  Sea to the southwest. It is less than 72 km (45 mi) from Italy, across the Strait of Otranto which links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea.
albaniaFor further information on the country please click the link below: Albania
Benefits of the passport:

Enjoying visa free travel to many countries. No visa required (or issued upon arrival)
Easy employment in many countries.
Obtaining residency in many countries.
Full benefits of citizenship all over the world.
Signing contracts with western or European companies.
Opening saving or current accounts with international banks and applying for loans, credit, etc.
Required documents:

Passport scan
Signature scan (On white background)
2 photos of you with different style. passport size photo with white background
Filling our data form (will be sent to you upon request)
Note:all the above documents should be scanned with high quality and resolution (500Kb) and sent through e-mail.
Type 1: National ID card and passport of Albania will be printed with your name and data and there is no record in the Albania government database. But the material is 100% genuine.
In this system because you travel with both your original passport and Albania passport and the data is same then you won’t face any problems and both passports match.
Type 2: national ID card and passport of Albania will be printed with a local person’s data matching your date of birth and with your photo. The material is100% genuine and the record exist in the government database and can be checked anywhere.
In this system you can’t travel with both your original passport and Albania passport. You can only use your Albania passport.
This type of documents are well used between company managers and CEOs who have problem signing contracts with western or European companies, applying for company or personal loans from international banks, company registration and etc. with their current citizenship.
Note: for the customers who need stronger documents we have arranged to obtain a powerful Asian country’s residency in your new passport. We will also open a new bank account for you using your new passport. So you will be confident using your documents knowing that they have been approved by a third party government also.
Documents that you will receive:
albania passport
Albania passport
Albania national ID card
Processing time:
We will need 45-60 days from you but our customers usually receive their documents in 30-45 days.
Processing fee:
The total fee for both types of documents is 11,500 Euro which is payable in 2 steps:
5,500 Euro starting fee;
6,000 euro after receiving you documents;
Here is the list of countries that is visa –free for Albania passport:
Macedonia 90 days
Montenegro90 days
Kosovo visa-free
Turkey 2months (visa issued on arrival)
Antigua and Barbuda 1 month
Barbados28 days
Chile 90 days(visa on arrival)
Dominica21 days
Ecuador 90days
Grenada 3months
Haiti 3 months
Jamaica(visa on arrival)
Trinidad and Tobago 1 month
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
Asia, Africa and Oceania

Armenia120 days (visa on arrival)
Azerbaijan30 days (visa on arrival)
Bangladesh90 days (visa on arrival)
Cambodia30 days (visa on arrival)
Georgia (visa on arrival)
Ghana (visa on arrival)
Kenya 3 months(visa on arrival)
Laos 30 days(visa on arrival)
Madagascar90 days
Mozambique30 days (visa on arrival)
Mongolia(visa on arrival)
Malaysia3 months
Nepal 60 days(visa on arrival)
Singapore30 days
South Korea 30 days
Samoa 60 days(visa on arrival)
Sri Lanka 30 days (visa on arrival)
Togo 7 days(visa on arrival)
Uganda (visa on arrival)

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Israeli citizen? – Let me get you out of harms way!

My name is Ole Wallin. I`m a consultant in available second passport programs and second citizenship programs. All our programs are legal and certified.

We provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective programs at the market today. We assist people of all nationalities in legally obtaining second passport or second citizenship programs.

For people with current nationality which has restricted mobility, due to travel restrictions and visa requirements. We can provide second passport programs and second citizenship programs from some countries. Without being present at the issuing country.
People with nationalities of these countries are recommended in some cases to apply for a intermediary second passport and second citizenship program. Before they apply for the second passport and second citizenship program which require you to be present in the issuing country.

We guarantee that all clients and applicants will receive their second passport or second citizenship program.

Ole Wallin consult provide legal advice and service for people of all nationalities and who needs a second passport or second citizenship for open up travel restrictions for their current nationality. People who need a second passport and citizenship as part of their over all business and tax planing strategy.

People from ethnic minority or have a religious believes which may put them in harms way if their use their current nationality.

People who has an Israeli or US nationality and fear for their securities when traveling or reside in a potential hostile region. We can provide legal second passport and second citizenship programs with possibility for a legal sealed name change. We will advise people with Israeli or US nationality and even British nationality whom have names that directly or indirectly identify their nationality, religious believes, part of an ethnic minority to serious consider such a process. Your safety is our main concern as our client.

Travel with a piece of mind as an European citizen to destinations which was previously unreachable as an U.S, U.K or Israeli citizen.

We are sorry to inform the potential risk U.S. citizen and even Israeli and U.K. citizen may face when travel to some regions of the world.
Some regions, culture and nations govern by religious guidelines, will make it difficult for U.S, U.K and Israeli citizen also to participate in business.

Please note that I`m not stigmatize any country, religion or culture. But the fact is that is difficult for some western citizen to do business in these areas and vise versa.

I will not go into the reason an potential cause to those challenges. I believe in solutions and that it what i offer. An solution to do business in an prefered countries and to eliminate the potensial personal security risk, to remove the skepticism that faces some nationalities, cultures and regions.

If you wish to do business with Muslim countries i will recommend you to obtain an European passport from some of the newest EU member states. Witch has an good blend of western and Muslim culture and religion.

In this way you open up the Muslim market and you capitalize on the EU market as an EU member and EU business entity. Here is the potential for both parties to have an joint venture in the EU market as it is challenging for some Muslim countries to exprt product to the EU market.

See the solution – Not the wall!

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