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Second passport and citizenship programs

Second passport and citizenship from Malta (Europe)

Citizenship and passport of Malta

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta,is a densely populated developed European country in the European Union. The Southern European island nation is an archipelago that includes the inhabited islands of Malta,Gozo and Comino, along with a number of smaller, uninhabited islands. It is situated centrally in the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km south of Sicily Italy) and 288 km north of Tunisia. Gibraltar is1,826 km to the west and Alexandria 1,510 km to the east


For further information on the country please click the link below: Malta

Benefits of the passport:

Enjoying visa free travel to many countries. No visa required (or issued upon arrival)

Easy employment in many countries.

Obtaining residency in many countries.

Full benefits of citizenship all over the world.

Signing contracts with western or European companies.

Opening saving or current accounts with international banks and applying for loans, credit, etc.

Required documents:

Passport scan

Signature scan (On white background)

2 photos of you with different style. passport size photo with white background

Filling our data form (will be sent to you upon request)

Note:all the above documents should be scanned with high quality and resolution (500Kb) and sent through e-mail.

Note:we are able to send you 2 types of documents. Each has different advantages.

Type 1: national ID card and passport of Malta will be printed with your name and data and there is no record in the Malta government database. But the material is 100% genuine.

In this system because you travel with both your original passport and Malta passport and the data is same then you won’t face any problems and both passports match.

Type 2: national ID card and passport of Malta will be printed with a local person’s data matching your date of birth and with your photo. The material is100% genuine and the record exist in the government database and can be checked anywhere.

In this system you can’t travel with both your original passport and Malta passport. You can only use your Malta passport.

This type of documents are well used between company managers and CEOs who have problem signing contracts with western or European companies, applying for company or personal loans from international banks, company registration and etc. with their current citizenship.

Note: for the customers who need stronger documents we have arranged to obtain a powerful Asian country’s residency in your new passport. We will also open a new bank account for you using your new passport. So you will be confident using your documents knowing that they have been approved by a third party government also.

Documents that you will receive:

malta passport

Malta passport

Malta national ID card

Processing time:

We will need 30-40 days from you but our customers usually receive their documents in 20-25 days.

Processing fee:

The total fee for both types of documents is 21,000 Euro which is payable in 3 steps:

7,000 Euro starting fee;

7,000 Euro after receiving the scan of your documents;

7,000 euro after receiving you documents;

Here is the list of countries that is visa –free for Malta passport:


European Union:                                                           unlimited access

Albania:                                                                             90 days

Andorra:                                                                           90 days

Bosnia and Herzegovina:                                            90 days

Croatia:                                                                              90 days

Faroe Islands:                                                                 90 days

Guernsey: 6 months

Iceland:                                                                             unlimited access

Isle of Man:                                                                     6 months

Jersey:                                                                               6 months

Kosovo:                                                                             90 days

Macedonia:                                                                      90 days

Moldova:                                                                          90 days

Monaco:                                                                             90 days

Montenegro:                                                                   90 days

Norway:                                                                            unlimited access

San Marino:                                                                     90 days

Serbia:                                                                               90 days

Switzerland:                                                                    unlimited access

Ukraine:                                                                            90 days

Vatican City:                                                                   90 days


Botswana:                                                                         90 days

Cape Verde:                                                                     Visa issued upon arrival

Comoros:                                                                          A free 24 h transit visa issued upon arrival at the airport.

Djibouti:                                                                            1-month visa issued upon arrival

Egypt:                                                                                 30-day visa issued upon arrival

Gambia:                                                                             At port of entry passport 24-72 h transit pass is issued.

Kenya:                                                                               3-month visa issued upon arrival

Lesotho:                                                                           14 days

Madagascar:                                                                   90-day visa issued upon arrival

Malawi:                                                                             90 days

Mauritius:                                                                        60 days (tourist), 90 days (business)

Mayotte:                                                                           90 days

Morocco: 90 days

Mozambique:                                                                  30-day visa issued upon arrival

Namibia:                                                                            90 days

Réunion:                                                                            unlimited access

Saint Helena:                                                                   90 days

Seychelles:                                                                       1 month

South Africa:                                                                  90 days

Swaziland:                                                                        2 months

Tanzania:                                                                         90 days

Togo:                                                                                7-day visa issued upon arrival

Tunisia:                                                                           90 days

Uganda:                                                                          6 months

Zambia:                                                                           90 days

Zimbabwe:                                                                     90 days


Anguilla:                                                                          90 days

Antigua and Barbuda:                                                 1 month

Argentina:                                                                       90 days

Aruba:                                                                               30 days

Bahamas:                                                                          90 days

Barbados:                                                                        6 months

Belize:                                                                               1 month

Bermuda:                                                                        6 months

Brazil:                                                                               90 days

British Virgin Islands:                                              30 days

Canada:                                                                           6 months

Cayman Islands:                                                         30 days

Chile:                                                                                90 days

Colombia:                                                                        90 days

Costa Rica:                                                                     90 days

Dominica:                                                                       6 months

Dominican                                                                     Republic: 30-day tourist card issued on arrival

Ecuador:                                                                        90 days

El Salvador:                                                                   90 days

Falkland Islands:                                                         30 days

French Guiana:                                                            unlimited access

Greenland:                                                                     90 days

Grenada:                                                                         90 days

Guadeloupe:                                                                  unlimited access

Guatemala:                                                                     90 days

Haiti:                                                                                 90 days

Honduras:                                                                        90 days

Jamaica:                                                                           90 days

Martinique:                                                                     unlimited access

Mexico:                                                                            180 days tourist/30 days business

Montserrat:                                                                    90 days

Netherlands Antilles:                                                 90 days

Nicaragua:                                                                      90 days

Panama:                                                                           90 days

Paraguay:                                                                          90 days

Peru:                                                                                    90 days

Puerto Rico:                                                                      90 days, Visa Waiver Program-ESTA required

Saint Barthélemy:                                                           unlimited access

Saint Kitts and Nevis:                                                     90 days

Saint Lucia:                                                                         6 weeks

Saint Martin:                                                                      unlimited access

Saint Pierre and Miquelon:                                         90 days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:                          1 month

Trinidad and Tobago:                                                     90 days

Turks and Caicos Islands:                                             30 days

United States of America:                                           90 days, Visa Waiver Program-ESTA required

Uruguay:                                                                            3 months

U.S. Virgin Islands:                                                          90 days, Visa Waiver Program-ESTA required

Venezuela:                                                                        3 months


Armenia:                                                            120-day visa issued upon arrival

Azerbaijan:                                                        30-day visa issued upon arrival

Bangladesh:                                                      90-day visa issued upon arrival

Brunei Darussalam:                                        30 days

Cambodia:                                                         30-day visa issued upon arrival

Georgia:                                                              360 days

Hong Kong:                                                        90 days

Indonesia:                                                          30-day visa issued upon arrival

Israel:                                                                   3 months

Japan:                                                                  3 months

Jordan:                                                                Visa issued upon arrival

Kyrgyzstan:                                                        1-month visa issued upon arrival

Laos:                                                                     30-day visa issued upon arrival

Lebanon:                                                            1 month

Macau:                                                                90 days

Malaysia:                                                            3 months

Maldives:                                                           30 days

Nepal:                                                                  15/30/90 day visa issued on arrival

Oman:                                                                  visa issued upon arrival

Philippines:                                                        21 days

Singapore:                                                         30 days

South Korea:                                                     3 months

Syria:                                                                    15 day visa issued upon arrival

Taiwan:                                                               30 days

Timor-Leste:                                                     30-day visa issued upon arrival

Turkey:                                                                3-month visa issued upon arrival

Yemen:                                                               1-month visa issued upon arrival


American                                                            Samoa: 30 days

Australia:                                                            90 days, eVisitor visa required – issued online free of charge

Cook Islands:                                                    31 days

Fiji:                                                                        4 months

Guam:                                                                   90 days, Visa Waiver Program-ESTA required

Kiribati:                                                                28 days

Marshall Islands:                                             30 days

Micronesia:                                                       30 days

New Caledonia:                                               90 days

New Zealand:                                                   3 months

Niue:                                                                    30 days

Northern Mariana Islands:                          30 days

Palau:                                                                   30 days

Papua New Guinea:                                       60-day visa issued upon arrival

French Polynesia:                                           90 days

Samoa:                                                                60 days

Solomon Islands:                                             3 months

Tonga:                                                                  31 days

Tuvalu:                                                                1 month

Vanuatu:                                                            30 days

Wallis and Futuna:                                          90 days


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